C510B Basic

Efficient and smart, classic

Classic products, efficient, flexible and easy to operate


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1. Installed water level indicator, easy to observe the water level.

2. Double universal wheel, more durable and difficult to damage.

3. Oversized mouth water injection, water injection faster and more convenient. 

4. The side clean water, it is more convenient to use and maintenance. 

5. The side-dump sewage tank lurch design, operate easier and convenient.

6. The external suction pipe, its humanized design increases the convenience of cleaning. 

7. Opening design sewage tank.

8. Ergonomic handle, humanized design, meet the needs of different heights people.

9. External charging plug makes charging more convenient.

10. Adding the visual window, for brush cover it is easier for brush installing and disassembly.

11. Built-in design Vacuum motor and silencer way, quieter and more comfortable.

12. Eco mode (Clever 510B PRO), longer working hours, less noise.

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